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GSoC 2020: Week 12

Hey everyone! Welcome to the blog for final week of GSoC 2020. (August 17th – 23rd )

After finally getting Gradle to build last week, I was really pumped up. I tried to use pod2man to create the new manpage from updated upstream doc. Spent a couple of days trying it and Asciidoctor to convert the .adoc file to manpage. But that didn’t work out. I instead ended up using the old upstream doc itself. The manpage now might be a bit old now. But it works fine. Coz its command line usage only and commands haven’t changed much.

About the pom.xml files, We have a patch in current gradle which adds a task to original build.gradle.kts file and generates poms for us. The patch needed some changes and the task also needed some edits. All the pom.xml are created and placed in correct location now. The location is build folder of each subproject. After placing the pom.xml files, We need to install all the generated jars at correct places. The jh_install that runs while building the deb does it for us. So I re-wrote the debian/libgradle-plugins-java.poms and libgradle-core-java.poms to include all the subprojects that build jars when installing gradle.

Now finally I have gradle building without any lintian warnings as well. Here are the build logs. yay!?

Nay! I tested the Gradle that we get. It does not run well as there are hardcoded versions of dependency jars that are required. e.g: ant, groovy-all, etc ant is hardcoded to match a specific version. We have 1.10.8 in debian while 1.10.7 is hardcoded in dependencies.gradle. I am right now working in modifying them to match the versions which we have in Debian. This will take some time but its easy as we have Gradle running and throwing us errors. 😛

This has been a great ride so far. I plan to keep working after this too and ship Gradle. I have worked so far on it. It would be a waste to now not ship it. 😛 Also, me and my team mates have decided to do a sprint sort off. Once we have kotlin and gradle shipped, to update all the packages that are pending to be updated because of lack of new Gradle and Kotlin.

That’s all for this week. I will write a final blog about the whole GSoC before 31st. A wiki page on debian-wiki is also under progress. It will act as my final report.

Thanks for reading.


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