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Google Summer of Code 2020: A journey

Hey everyone! if you are a regular reader, you should have known by now that I participated in Google Summer of Code 2020. I worked with Debian over the last few months.

This post is not about a weekly report (unlike last few posts) or any final report. It is about my experience of the whole program and other random ramblings in my head. There’s so much to speak and tell and I don’t know where to start. But here it goes:

All of this started with a mail on night of 4th May which said that my proposal has been accepted and I am selected for GSoC 2020. I was on the terrace of my house in my home-village and I was literally jumping on my toes! XD Was soo excited for the upcoming summer and looked forward to working with Debian. The project Android SDK tools in Debian was huge but I was up for it.

community bonding meet

And it was not just huge, it was much greater than expected because we had some major blockers. Working through our way with Gradle and Kotlin, we almost ended up dedicating a major amount of our time on these and little was done on the Android side of things. But major hurdles of Kotlin and Gradle are fixed now and I have the whole report of that here. (I am obviously not gonna rewrite everything here.)

It was much more than the work accomplished. Met new people (virtually), discovered new songs, made friends and learnt a lot about patience (Spent more than 2 months building gradle. 😛). Spent many nights talking to mentors and partners on most random of topics while Gradle built in background. Also found out loads of stuff about Linux systems in general and may not be that big of a deal for others but for me, yeah it made my day at times when I wasn’t in best of my spirits.

It wasn’t all easy-going, fun ride too. There were days when I couldn’t move forward one bit even after spending hours and hours working. And since I chose to stick to Gradle alone, working on one project for so long, I was even doubting my own capabilities (yeah, it really gets into your head sometimes, especially under these times). But I always had my partners and mentors supporting me. And god, the feeling after completing Gradle at the end, my god! That was worth it. worth every ounce of time spent working on it.

There was also the Debconf. Debconf is annual Debian conference. It was held online this time. It has various events, talks and panel discussions. I participated in Android tools BoF and the Debian poetry night. It was fun. I look forward to participating in next year’s Debconf in Haifa.

Debconf20 Android tools BoF
Debian poetry night

Going forward, We (My partners and me) will be continuing to work with Debian. Can’t leave such a beautiful community now, can we? 😛
These last few months have really brought me closer to the community and I can’t even imagine how much I would be missing on without the linux community. All of this started with Ubuntu and I thank the members of Lubuntu team from the bottom of my heart for guiding me through my initial days in the Linux community. Shoutout to Big Daddy Linux and his telegram channel too. Those are some of the sweetest people to talk to.

Special mention and thanks to my partners Samyak Jain, Manas Kashyap and fellow participant Nilesh Patra for bearing with my random ramblings for the last few months. I owe you one! Let’s meet sometime soon. Mentors have also been huge support and guiding pillars and I look forward to meeting all the people I have interacted remotely with at next Debconf or similar event.

Now that the Summer of Code is over and my college has started, Things have become kinda slow and less interesting. It’s the usual boring lectures and assignments. Okay, not so boring too. I have a college project dealing with raspberry pi this semester. 🙂

But I really miss the last few months. This was one hell of a journey.


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  1. Bhaiya, can you guide me to work on this project. I’m quite interested and willing to work in it. I have decent knowledge of android components and have been contributing to Orgs like kiwix, aossie and mifos for around a year. It would be great if you tell me what to learn for this particular project to work on.

    This is my github profile:


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