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GSoC 2020: Week 11

Hey everyone! Welcome to week 11 blog for GSoC 2020. (August 10th to August 16th)

Guess what? I got Gradle to build without any errors. yayayyayay!

So here’s how I got there:
We had zinc scala as the major blocker, After trying lots of changes, patches, reverts etc. Zinc would still be a pain point because Scala is very incompatible with typesafe zinc and newer sbt/zinc is still not in Debian. So I decided to go ahead without scala support. which means the task languageScala won’t be carried out and Gradle will not be able to build scala projects. Now that’s a disadvantage. But on the upside, we got Gradle working. It is better to ship Gradle without Scala support than to not ship it at all. And we have older sbt in debian for building scala projects, if someone needs it.

Next up, there came up a few eclipse-aether errors. Remember we have a patch that replaces sonatype aether with maven-resolver and eclipse-aether as required? Yeah that patch is the culprit. Yes using eclipse aether is a good idea as sonatype is now old. But then upstream comes in and uses functions from sonatype aether which are not present in eclipse aether. Gg. That’s the reason we have to remove that patch. Using sonatype is the best way right now. Besides, upstream still uses it so it might not be that bad at all. 🙂 And sticking with upstream methods makes the package easier to manage.

And with that patch gone along with the languageScala task, We have gradle building fine on its own. But as I mentioned in previous post, we have a couple of more things that we need to iron out: manpages and pom.xml files. But I consider even this as a big win as I finally see build completed here after working more than 2 months on it. 🙂

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading. Stay safe y’all.


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