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Google Summer of Code 2022: Part 1

Henlo Everyone! 👋

Welcome to the first blog of Google Summer of Code 2022. I have been contributing to Debian again as a student contributor this year. Working with the Android Tools team, I plan to ship the new package for build-tools, Newflasher and complete remaining packaging of the platform-tools package.

This blog is an accumulation of the steps in achieving the above goals.


Starting with Newflasher, Newflasher is an experimental software that allows users to flash firmware acquired through XperiFirm to Sony phones including and newer than the XZ Premium.

We track the progress of packaging Newflasher into Debian repositories in this issue on salsa. Cdesai packaged it initially. Upstream cleaned their repo around release 32 and included a lot of changes. I have updated the package to v52. The updated package can be found at theloudspeaker/newflasher. A merge request for the same can be found here.

The merge request is ready for review and Newflasher can be uploaded to archives once it is merged.

Build tools

Coming to build-tools, The idea of the is to include all the binaries provided by google under build-tools under the android-build-tools package in Debian. The source is built in a similar fashion to the last year’s android-platform-tools package where the required sources are moved into one source and built using debian makefiles. Cdesai’s comment here outlines the steps in 3 different phases.

We are currently in phase 2 for build tools, removing internal android-lib*.dev package dependencies. I am working on this under my fork on salsa.

Plan forward

Next steps of actions involve following up the review comments of my mentors, updating the commits around removing the internal dependencies and getting the build-tools package to build. After that, we will update the source to newer tag once it builds. Essentially completing the phase 2 of build-tools packaging process.

That’s all for this update. I will keep you posted in the next one. Adios. 🙂


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