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GSoC 2020: Week 9

Hey Everyone! Welcome back to another blog in the series of GSoC 2020 blogs.

Yeah, the title should have been week 8. But I got confused and wasn’t considering the days during evaluations under coding period. Hence, technically last week(July 20th to July 26th) was week 8. And this week (July 27th to Aug 2nd) is week 9. From now on, I am going to follow correct numbering. Also, really sorry for not writing for so long. I got busy with work as the final month set in.

This week was a big one. At least felt like a big one! First up, I had a Jitsi meet with my partners Samyak jain and Manas Kashyap to discuss the blockers we all faced in our packages. We found a patch that might fix kotlin’s java dependency errors. A particular kotlin plugin kept failing to build because it depended on a previous java version.

Then I took a break from Gradle for a while and took another dig at the new platform-tools package. Created a tree of deps and build deps of all the packages which are in upstream and are currently packaged in debian. This gave us an idea of what all packages in debian would need changes and if there are any that will be blockers.
Chirayu desai found out that android-libbase would create a problem. It is present in a different source and needed by all of the packages from that zip. We might end up with 2 copies. All the finding can be found here.

Then came in the 2nd evaluation. Completed it. (yay!)

After that I went to create symbolic links for jars placed by our good old gradle-bootstrap. (Intersting how flawlessly that works. Wish I get gradle working like that.) So that even the first build can be made in offline mode.
That symlinking didn’t work tho. I still had some missing artifacts.

After all that the build fails on com.typesafe.zinc because 6.4.1 gradle has a internal hook which replaces com.typesafe with org.scala-sbt.zinc. (Why wouldn’t you just work Gradle? XD )

So then I gave up on making it use typesafe zinc and rolled back to org.scala-sbt:zinc. Now as of this week Gradle fails at these errors. I will keep grinding it.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading. Will see you in the next one! Stay safe.


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