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GSoC 2020: Week 10

Hey everyone! Welcome to another blog in the series of GSoc 2020 blogs. This week is the 10th week of the coding period (Aug 3rd to 9th).

Continuing from last week I had a couple of compileJava errors. Which I figured were due to a couple of upstream commits. This and <a rel="noreferrer noopener" href="
this one to be specific. I tried reverting them. Still ended up with more errors. 😭😭

Individually reverting these commits is too error prone as there have been multiple commits after these which depend on changes in these two commits. So I need to find another way to deal with these issues.

To clear my mind a bit, I helped Manas to test the emulator package and fix the path for the same. Here is my commit for that. I then proceeded to create a thread on upstream forums to see if upstream can help a bit. Let’s see how it goes.

I also ran a build without any patches and in online mode just to see if we have any other issues which need our attention once we get Gradle building. And yes, we do have a couple of them. Foremost is the absence of a manpage which I had to remove earlier as upstream removed it. And second is some missing pom.xml files. Gradle itself doesn’t generate pom.xml’s by itself for the jars which it generates. We need to add a task for it I assume.

Not much progress with Gradle this week but we atleast got Emulator uploaded. And I now have a better understanding of Gradle. This week there was Amazon Prime day sale too. I ordered a new laptop for myself. (Yay!) I will be covering it in a separate blog post. Also, Google is accepting applications for SDE intern next summer. I will be applying for it.

Thanks for reading. Stay safe!


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